Supplying equipment and services to
Aerospace, Defence, Medical and European
Electronics Manufacturing industries


From the beginning in 1991, ATF has focused on the development and manufacturing of wave soldering machines. In 1995 Electrovert, worldwide number one in wave soldering machines, was looking for a partner to produce smaller and midsize machines. This was the beginning of a mutual beneficial relationship. The Neupak machine, developed for Electrovert, was a milestone in terms of flexibility, soldering performance and the software. These are three reasons for the worldwide success of the Neupak.

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Aqueous Technologies

Aqueous Technologies specializes in the manufacturing of cleaning and cleanliness testing systems for the electronics assembly industry. Aqueous Technologies equipment utilizes our planet’s purest substance for the removal of harmful electro-magnetic residues. It is our mission to continue developing environmentally conscious equipment which assists manufacturers with increasing product reliability.

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BOFA Fume Extraction Technology

Is the world leader in Fume extraction technology.

The design, develop and manufacture extraction and filtration equipment for a wide variety of industries including electronics, laser engraving and marking, pharmaceutical, laboratories, printing, dental and beauty.

Their in-house approach to design and build provides our customers with the peace of mind that specialist advice and manufacturing expertise will always be at hand to deliver timely and effective product solutions.


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CheckSum, LLC is a leading supplier of in circuit test and on-board gang programming systems and services to the worldwide electronics manufacturing industry.


Chemketek is a leading supplier of electronics manufacturing cleanroom supplies which are used for cleaning critical electronics and manufacturing facilities around the world.
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FS Inspection

Freedom Scientific inspection offers high-magnification visual inspection stations for industrial inspection markets, including medical, research, plastics, and consumer and industrial electronics, including composite surface inspection. Their high-quality video magnifiers are more ergonomic and cost-effective than traditional microscopes.

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JBC Soldering

More than 80 years of experience have placed JBC at the technological forefront of tools for soldering and rework operations in electronics.

Innovation, efficiency and reliability are the key features of a wide range of products which have been designed to satisfy the most demanding requirements of professionals.

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Juki SMT Systems

Juki SMT Systems is one of the world’s leading SMT placement companies with over 25,000 machines installed worldwide and is the pioneer of the modular automated assembly line. Juki has built its global image with a combination of top quality and high reliability machines and a reputation for world-class service and support that result in the lowest production costs for our customers.
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Mekko Technologies

Mekko Technologies is a reliable, privately owned business specialising in its own UK manufactured conveyor ovens and humidity controlled drying and storage equipment.
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Micro Care

Micro Care has helped companies around the world Discover Perfectly Clean for 30 years. They are a respected leader in precision cleaning, fiber optic cleaning and medical device cleaning of some of the world’s most delicate equipment including the NASA space shuttle.Whether it is aeronautics or surgical instruments, companies rely on them to keep them in business.
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Mossman Tebbs

Mossman Tebbs provide twenty first century manufacturing all under one roof to specialist engineering skills and capabilities throughout the PCB and Electronic industries. Their designing and manufacturing has made the company highly respected with a reputation for trustworthiness and reliability.

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MS2 Solder dross eliminator

MS2® molten solder surfactant doesn’t just reduce solder dross associated with wave soldering machines – it actually eliminates it, whether you are working with leaded solder or lead-free alloys. Using less solder means significant cost savings, for companies with just one location or multiple manufacturing facilities.

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O.C.White Co.

Considered the World’s Oldest Industrial Lighting manufacturer, O.C. White has earned an unparalleled reputation for the quality of its superior products and fixtures. It is not unusual to find the company’s early fixtures in high end antique shops where high prices are demanded for the unique products.
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Osai Automation Systems

Osai Automation Systems was founded in 1991 with the target of building special machineries for assembly and final testing of components for automotive, electrical appliances industries and the electro-technical industry.

Osai Automation Systems produces also special machineries for assembly, standard machines for electronics and standard and special LASER machineries.
At the Osai headquarters, technicians and designers apply every day extremely evolved technologies to supply innovative solutions to the market.

Parmi SPI

Through their 10 years experience and specialized in-house expertise in laser measurement and software development PARMI is now the Global leader in Solder Paste Inspection. Through their customer innovation and PARMI really listening to their customers, PARMI SPI has evolved to become the easy-to-use solution to stabilize the printing process, increase yield rate, and dramatically reduce defects after reflow. Their systems are very user friendly so that all levels of expertise from operator to senior engineer can learn very quickly.

PDR Rework Stations

PDR manufactures some of the finest SMT, BGA, CSP, QFN, 0201, LED IR Rework systems and stations worldwide. Easy to set up and use, our SMT rework stations deliver the highest performance and soldering yield as demanded by our customers globally.

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Pillarhouse International

Pillarhouse International have over 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of selective soldering and coil winding equipment for the electronics and PCB related industries. They offer an extensive range of selective soldering solutions from low cost, flexible, stand alone entry level systems through to advanced, high speed integrated in-line production cells. Their systems are used widely by the world’s major automotive contractors together with telecommunications, consumers, medical, aerospace and military applications. Their extensive industry experience offers customers the latest developments in soldering technology.

Robotas hand assembly

Robotas has over 25 years experience in software & hardware solutions that raise quality, reduce costs and kill setup time. Especially suitable for high volume, high mix environments.

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Speedline Technologies

Speedline Technologies delivers decades of proven expertise and process knowledge. Formed in 1998 as Speedline Technologies, has built a reputation as an industry innovator dedicated to the development and manufacture of product solutions for the electronics assembly and semiconductor packaging industries. Speedline is comprised of five best-in-class brands – ACCEL microelectronics cleaning equipment; CAMALOT dispensing systems; ELECTROVERT wave soldering, reflow soldering, and cleaning equipment; MPM stencil and screen printing systems; and PROTECT global services, support, and training solutions.


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Systronic Cleaning Systems

Systronic Cleaning Systems offer the latest technology in the development and construction of cleaning systems for stencils and screens, solder frames and condensate flux traps, as well as industrial drying machines and coating system.


Teknek are world leaders in manufacturing solutions for the contact sheet cleaning and web cleaning sector. With operating facilities throughout the world and an intricate understanding of the client’s manufacturing process, Teknek have been the first choice supplier to their customer base for nearly three decades.

Vitrox advanced inspection

Since its inception in 2000, ViTrox designs and manufactures innovative, leading-edge and cost-effective automated vision inspection equipment and system-on-chip embedded electronics devices for the semiconductor and electronics packaging industries. ViTrox’s core products are its Machine Vision System (MVS), Automated Board Inspection (ABI) and Electronics Communication System (ECS).

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Yxlon X-Ray Inspection Systems

As the world’s leading creator of industrial X-ray systems, YXLON is uniquely qualified to raise the inspection process to unprecedented levels of quality. The increasing complexity of the electrical and electronic components they inspect is matched by the reliability of Y.Cougar & Y.Cheetah systems – and the brilliance of the images they produce.

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