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Juki JM-10/Juki JM-20

Multi-Task Platform

The JM10/JM20 automates the manual insertion process and is the advanced model for larger/heavier components and larger boards.

    Placement or Insertion of Surface Mount & Through-Hole Components
    Widest Component Range in the Electronics Industry
    Accommodates Multiple Types of Feeders

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Juki JX-100LED

Compact LED Assembly

From high-speed, high-accuracy mounting down to very small parts – ultra – flexible performance assures assures the best return on investment for any application. With a possible board size of 800 x 360mm the JX-100LED is perfectly suited for low cost LED placement.

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Juki RX-6

High Speed Compact Modular Mounter

Juki RX-6 Chip 42,000CPH(Optimum) 26,000CPH(IPC9850)
IC : 14,000CPH (MNVC)
0402mm(01005 inch)~□33.5mm
Laser recognition : ±0.04mm(±Cpk≧1)
160 component inputs
Compact footprint : the width is just 1.25m
Equipped with standard Placement Monitor check function.

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Juki JX-350LED

Flexible LED Mounter

The new JX-350 LED Mounter offers a flexible placement system specially designed for LED lighting products and mid- to large LCD display backlights.

It can support ultra-long boards up to 1,500mm and JUKI laser centering for high speed, high accuracy placement offers the best in the industry.

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Juki FX-3RA

High speed modular mounter

Juki FX-3RA Chip – 90,000CPH(0.040Sec./chip/Optimum) – 66,000CPH(IPC9850)
0402mm(01005 inch)~□33.5mm
Laser recognition : ±0.05mm(±3σ)
On-the-fly centering using integrated laser
2 stations, 4 gantries, 4 placement heads, 24 nozzles
Holds up to 240 components

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Juki RX7

Advanced high speed and high accuracy

Juki RX7 – Realize high-speed pick and place by new 16 nozzle super rotary head
High placement accuracy enables production for tiny components and high-density placement
High area productivity by smaller and lighter design; machine width 988 mm.

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Juki KE 3010

High Speed Chip Shooter

Juki KE-3010 Chip – 23,500CPH chip (Laser centering/Optimum) – 18,500CPH (Laser centering / IPC9850)
IC – 9,000CPH (Vision centering/MNVC option)
From 0402(01005) to 33.5mm square components
One multi-nozzle laser head (6 nozzles)
The use of electronic double tape feeders enables mounting of a maximum of 160 component types.

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Juki KE-3020V

High Speed Flexible Mounter

The KE-3020V is a 7th generation modular placement machine from Juki and represents the latest leading-edge technology for improved flexibility and production quality. It supports a hybrid feeder mix of electronic and mechanical feeders with up to 160 dual lane electronic 8mm tape feeder capacity per machine. Maximum board size is 22″x24″.

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MPM Edison


The MPM® Edison is an innovative new platform of next-generation printers sharing software, controls, and advanced technologies on a scalable platform. Featuring outstanding speed, accuracy, and performance surpassing best-in-class SMT printers worldwide, Edison is built to excel in every way, with patented features throughout its design.

Juki ISM2000

Intelligent storage management

Automatic material management with 7” and 15“ cases (reels 7”, 13“, 15” or JEDEC trays)
Reel height: 8, 12, 16 or 24 mm
Max. JEDEC tray height: 32 mm
Max. 2059 reels 7” H = 8 mm
Max. extraxtion of 27 reels at a time
Dimensions (WxDxH): 2630 x 1650 x 2420 mm

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Neocut UV

Laser marking

Neomark Continual reductions in component sizes make the depanelling of flexible circuits, Kapton and films in general a more and more complex task.

Neocut uv performs very high accuracy cutting operations, without mechanical stresses on components.
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Neomark Twin

Laser marking

Neomark Twin is an excellent marking system for EMS (subcontractors) who have to carry out YAG and/or CO2 markings of middle lot production with only one machine.

Configuration of the YAG and/or CO2 sources is not fixed and can be chosen on installation or successively on-field.

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Electrovert Electra

Wave Soldering System

Electrovert Electra  proven performance has provided the electronics assembly industry with world-class soldering results. The Electra system is designed with computerized, closed-loop controls that deliver the required accuracy and repeatability for demanding production environments. Its intuitive operator interface provides easy recipe set-up within the Windows® operating system. Designed for high volume and maximum process flexibility, The Electra is a highly advanced, precision-engineered wave soldering system.
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Electrovert OmniMax

Reflow Soldering System

Electrovert OmniMax reflow soldering system is designed to deliver maximum thermal performance combined with process capability and control. The OmniMax incorporates an advanced, efficient IsoThermal Chamber Technology (ICT) designed for maximum performance.
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MPM Momentum

Printing System

MPM Momentum was designed and built to be a no-nonsense production machine. Cost-efficient and featuring a modest footprint, it grows with the user; innovative patented features can be added on or retrofitted as needed as the user’s throughput demands grow.

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Juki RP-1

Solder paste printer

Juki RP-1 Motion Screen
Positioning accuracy = ±10μm(6σ)
Cycle time=6sec+printing time
Automatic Solder Dispenser*
High-speed Cleaning*
Easy operation

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Camalot Prodigy

Dispensing System

The Camalot Prodigy dispensing system employs breakthrough innovations to enable higher processing speeds, more precise dispense accuracies, and tighter tolerances. Prodigy is a new platform, equipped with a state-of-the-art X Y gantry system that is at the heart of this next generation dispenser.

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Neo place 300

Neo place 300 keeps the Neo platform structure and axis handling system, but the applied technology may range from dispensing the soldering paste, glue or resin, to systems for screwing, checking LEDs or displays (colour coordinates, photometric measurements) and board handling.

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Neoplace 400

Clean room

Neoplace 400 automatic die attach system able to pick up the devices from the wafer and to position them with the highest degree of precision and sensitivity.

Fast reconfiguration makes the Neoplace clean room the ideal system for microprocessing and the high or fragmented production required in clean rooms.
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Juki ISM 1100

Intelligent Storage Management

Automatic material management with 7” cases (7“ reels)
Reel heights: 8, 12 or 16 mm
Max. 1100 reels 7” H = 8 mm
Max. extraxtion of 27 reels at a time
Less than 5% humidity with humidity control unit
Dimensions (WxDxH): 1735 x 920 x 2220 mm
Weight: 360 kg (empty) to 600 kg (full cases)
Power supply: 110V to 230V; 50/60 Hz

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Juki ISM-400

Intelligent storage management

Dynamic material management
Max. 480 configurable positions
Min. position dimension (WxDxH): 34 x 620 x 130 mm
Possibility to manage multiple items in each position
Example: up to 9 reels 7” H = 8 mm; total capacity of 3600 reels 7” H = 8 mm
Possible number of shelves: 6, 8, 10 and 12
Dimensions (WxDxH): 1550 x 810 x 2220 mm (1550 x 900 x 2220 mm with humidity control unit)

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Electrovert Vectra ES2

Wave Soldering System

Electrovert Vectra ES2 fluxing system is available with foam or spray type systems – a foam fluxer is standard. An optional spray fluxer is used to promote maximum deposition, control, through-hole penetration, and process flexibility are optional. The Servo-Spray™, a servo-controlled, reciprocating spray module features air atomizing nozzle technology to ensure spray uniformity and positive hole penetration.

Electrovert Vectra Elite

Wave Soldering System

The VectraElite system is the wave soldering solution for medium-to- high-volume production that requires fast changeover, process flexibility, and system reliability. The VectraElite combines innovative technology in an accessible, ergonomic platform and provides the tools necessary to achieve a zero-defect process at the lowest possible cost of ownership.

Electrovert OmniES

Reflow Soldering System

The Electrovert OmniES offers a combination of innovation and industry-proven technologies in an easy-to-use, reliable and efficient reflow system. The OmniES incorporates an advanced, efficient IsoThermal Chamber Technology (ICT) designed for maximum performance. Electrovert’s innovative approach to thermal transfer delivers highly efficient heat transfer throughout the entire process.

MPM Momentum Compact

High Performance Printer

MPM Momentum Compact printer delivers a big impact in a remarkably small package. Boasting the highest throughput for its footprint in the industry, and remarkable wet print accuracy of ±18 microns @ 6 sigma Cpk>2, the performance and features that have been neatly engineered into the Momentum Compact will impress users, as will the throughput volume for this lean, efficient printer.

MPM 125

Stencil Printer

The MPM 125 printer features accuracy and repeatability normally associated with the most expensive, high-end equipment. This unique system proves that performance doesn’t have to be sacrificed in a cost-effective system.

MPM Momentum Dual Lane

Stencil Printer

MPM Momentum Dual Lane Alignment is the heart of the printing process and the Momentum series printer delivers best in class performance resulting in fewer potential defects. Momentum’s ± 12.5 micron at 6 sigma accuracy is the result of a precision engineered and integrated system.

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